ETC 서밋행사에서 PROGPOW 창시자인 크리스티가 제외


ETC 서밋행사에서 PROGPOW 창시자인 크리스티가 제외

This weekend I uninvited ProgPOW author Kristy-Leigh Minehan from ETC Summit, where she had been due to give a talk on ASIC resistance and also to participate in a mining panel.

I withdrew her invitation after finding about about connections between herself, Core Scientific and Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre and Coingeek.    Core Scientific’s CEO is an advisor to Squire Mining, along with Craig Wright and Jimmy Nyugen.   Calvin Ayre has a controlling stake (45%) in that company.   Kristy has also spoken at Coingeek events on at least two occasions, implicitly promoting and validating them.

이번주 ETC는 PROGPOW의 창시자인 크리스티를 초대리스트에서 제외했다. 그는 ASIC에 대한 반대방향 움직임에 대한 강연을 준비했고, 광산 채굴패널에도 참여할 예정이었다. 

하지만 크리스티와 코어 사이언티빅, 크레이그, 캘빈아이어, 코잉크와의 관계를 알게 된 이후 그녀를 연사에서 제외했다. 코어 사이언티픽 CEO는 크레이그 라이트, 지미 니우겐과 함꼐 스퀘어 마이닝 사의 멤버이다. 캘빈 아이어는 45퍼센트의 지분을 가지고 있고, 코인긱 행사에서도 홍보하는 연설을 했다. 

Craig Wright is a fraud, serial liar and perjurer, and Calvin Ayre is not much better.   I cannot have the ETC Cooperative and the ETC Summit associated with such disreputable individuals and companies, so I chose to withdraw my invitation.   It was not an easy decision, and was one which personally pained me.   I have been known as a bridge builder and “judging” in this way is exceedingly rare.   This was important enough for me to do so.

크레이그 라이트는 사기꾼이며 캘민 아이어도 별반 다르지 않다. 우리는 ETC Summit에 논란이 될 만한 사람과 서밋을 진행하면 안된다고 생각한다. 그래서 우리는 연사철회를 결정했다. 이는 쉽지 않은 결정었다. 특히 나(서머빌)는 블록체인 커뮤니티에서 다리 역활을 하고 있는지라, 이 결정은 더욱 쉽지 않았다. 

Squire Advisory Board Member, Dr. Craig Wright Granted U.S. Copyright Registrations for Original Bitcoin White Paper and Early CodeSquire Agrees to Purchase Companies With Cloud Computing Assets Totaling 2,985 Petahash to Become One of the World’s Largest Public Crypto Mining CompaniesSquire Enters Into a Binding Letter of Intent With Core Scientific for Hosting of Blockchain Cloud Computing Assets

Kristy speaking at Coingeek events:

Kristy took to the ETC Discord yesterday, September 16th, where she spoke for several hours and provided further information on ProgPOW which, to my knowledge, has not been discussed publicly to this point, but which I believe to be hugely important for the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum communities to know while considering ProgPOW.

크리스티는 9월 16일 디스코드에서 오랜시간동안 PROGPOW에 대한 정보를 논의했고 이는 당시 공개적으로 논의할 필요는 없었다. 하지만 PROGPOW에 대한 논의를 하는 동안 ETC와 ETH 커뮤니티는 이 부분에 대해서 알아야 된다고 판단했다. 

Here are screenshots of the entire conversation.

Some key dialog points for me, beyond not denying the BSV connections (just downplaying their importance).

Bob: … Would you speak at the OneCoin conference if they invited you? … Kristy: Yes?  If they told me to just speak on topics I knew, or educate them on blockchain, why not? Bob: Would you speak at a conference held by the Mafia, if they wanted to talk about blockchain? Kristy: Sure, if the mafia is holding a conference that’s public, and somehow they are not arrested and it’s all above board – why not.   I’d accept a PR from Hitler if it was good.

대화 내용 캡처 : 크리스티는 히틀러의 PR이라도 내용이 좋다면 받아들일것이다. 

And further, she believes that attending conferences in no way validates them, and is “just about teaching”.   So Coingeek Toronto 2019 was about teaching, as per Kristy, and not about promotion of the BSV empire.

그리고 크리스티는 컨퍼런스에 참여하는 목적이 검증이 아니라 오로지 Teaching, 전파이다. 그래서 토론토에서 개최된 코인긱 행사 또한 가르치는 것이며, BSV 제국의 부흥을 위한것은 아니었다. 

She also revealed that there were maybe as many as 40 people behind the “IfDefElse” facade, many of who would not be willing to reveal their identities, or to sign Contributor Licensing Agreements (CLAs), as I suggested was necessary to protect Ethereum from potential future lawsuits for unrevealed patent claims, trademarks or copyright claims.

그녀는 IFDEFELSE의 이면에는 40명의 사람들이 있다고 밝혔으며, 이 사람들은 미공개 특허청구나 상표권 등에 대한 소송에 대해서 보호하지 않으려고 한다. 

Given these connections (from public press releases), Kristy’s seemingly complete lack of discernment about who she associates with, together with the unquantifiable IP risk of accepting code from a group of 40 individuals, only a handful of whom are publicly known, and none of whom (or their employers) have signed CLAs, I have to view ProgPOW as a serious risk to any project which adopts it, and would urge the Ethereum community to strongly reconsider whether it is wise to proceed unless significantly stronger guarantees can be given around the IP.

If the Ethereum community desires ASIC resistance, it would much safer to update Ethash in the open, with known individuals doing the work, and the Ethereum Foundation or other groups funding that, in my opinion.

이러한 연관성을 고려할때, 크리스티가 대표로 제한하는 PROGPOW에 대한 위험성을 신중하게 생각해야 한다. 이부분을 채택하는 프로젝트는 심각한 위험이 있으며 지적재산권(IP)와 관련하여 더욱 재고해야 한다. 만약 ETH 커뮤니티가 ASIC 저항을 원한다면 Ethash 알고리즘을 업데이트하는 편이 훨씬 더 낫다. 

Also, listen to Martin.  ProgPOW is very divisive.  I think there is a serious risk of an ETH split if this EIP proceeds.  That in itself should be enough to stop it.

Martin Köppelmann@koeppelmann

Really not sure why #progPOW is still planned for the hard fork. My understanding of Ethereum governance is that hard forks are only made if there is a wide community consensus around them. I think this is critical of Ethereum being able to become a base settlement layer. …

PROGPOW가 하드포크를 위해 ETH에서 스케줄에 있는 이유를 여전히 알수 없다. ETH 가버넌스에 대한 이해는 이런 포크는 폭넓은 공동체의 합의가 있을때만 이뤄진다는 점이다. 나는 이더리움의 정신은  Settlement Layer 에 필수적이라고 생각한다. 



Six code changes have been approved for Ethereum's next system-wide upgrade. Here's what developers are looking forward to next:  @christine_dkim reports


4:32 AM - Aug 17, 2019

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Bob Summerwill,  Executive Director, ETC Cooperative and long-time Ethereum community member

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